We are Qingdao Joint and Lucky Industrial Co,. Ltd.(Referred to as J&L Industrial Chemicals) that has more than 20 years’ experiences in doing exporting business. Mainly products include silica gel, desiccant packets, molecular sieve product, activated alumina, food gum, hyaluronic acid etc.. Our buyers come from all over the world, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea Southeast Asia, and Africa and so on. In recent years, our products’ sell well in West Africa markets and the trading volumes increase quickly.

We have ISO9001, CE, FDA certification. We can do OEM for our customers. We have accumulated a lot of experiences in product quality, packaging, shipping service. The quality of our products not only meets international quality standards, and can also meet many special quality requirement of the buyer.

We have a specialized packaging design company. For different products’ packaging, we can design the packaging according to customers’ requirements and provide customers with updated product packaging services continuously.

We will be glad to share our experiences and hope to have a chance to cooperate with you in the future.

Sodium Alginate product is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed, has numerous functionalities in food industry, such as thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, texture improver, anti-retrogradation of starch and gel agent, due to its special chemical construction and excellent properties. Alginate can be widely applied as a natural additive in various kinds of food, such as wheat flour, noodles, frozen flour products, bakery, etc.

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Environmental Protection Equipment for Solid Fuel Boiler

  1. BoilerSolid Fuel Analysis:

1) Coal Ash Composition Introduction:

Coal ash composition is complex, mainly composed of silicon, aluminum, iron, titanium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, sodium and other elements of oxides and salts. When the coal burns, most of sulfur is oxidized to sulfur dioxide (SO2), with the flue gas emissions forming atmospheric pollution, harming animal, plant growth and human health, a corrosive action on metal equipment; When more coal used in metallurgical coking sulfur, also affect the quality of the coke and steel. When the coal that the sulfur content is high used for metallurgical coking, it also affect the quality of coke and iron and steel.

2) Biomass Solid Formed Fuel Introduction:

Biomass solid formed fuel (hereinafter referred to as biomass fuel, commonly known as straw coal) is a modern clean fuels that according to the new technology and special equipment, crop stalks, wood shavings, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, straw, rice husk, straw husks, tree branches and leaves hay will be compressed carbide forming, without any additives and binder. It is 6cm ~ 8cm in diameter, and length of 4 ~ 5times its diameter, broken rate is less than 2.0%, dry basis moisture content less than 15%, the ash content less than 1.5%, sulfur and chlorine content is typically less than 0. 07%, the nitrogen content is less than 0. 5%.

  1. Boiler Supporting Scheme: Multi-Tube Dust Catcher + Wet Dust Collector

1) The multi-tube dust catcher is mainly composed of a number of cyclones combination in a sealed box, including the housing of placement cyclone dust collector, the entrance and outlet of flue gas and dust collecting hopper. Working principle: filter movement by the guider, cyclone, the exhaust pipe, etc. , made of ceramic or cast iron materials. When the dust containing gas enters the the dust collector entrance, through the guider and whirlwind internal rotation, the dust and the gas are separated under the centrifugal force action, so the dust lands in dust collection box is discharged through the air lock. The efficiency can reach 93%.

The wet dust remover is known as “the mist eliminator”. It is the device that it make the dust gas and liquid (usually water) in close contact, exploiting inertia collision of water droplets and particles or the full mixing of water and dust and other functions to trap particles or to increase or stay in a fixed container to achieve the effect of water and dust separation.

The filter of dust particle size less than 5 microns dust removal efficiency is high, service life for up to 5 ~ 8 years. Filter structure is compact, small footprint, water consumption is small, with 5 ~ 7 cubic meters per second dust covers an area of about 4 square meters of airflow, USES about 1 ton/hour.

The dust removal efficiency of the dust remover is high for a particle size less than 5 μm dust, the service life is up to 5 to 8 years. Dust collector has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, small water consumption, the water consumption is about 1 tons / hour

Taking multi-cyclone matching, glass steel desulfurization dust removal device, air pollutant emissions can be few, low concentration. Solid fuel combustion can be achieved after microinjection emissions of NOx, SO2 emissions below 33. 6 mg/m3, soot emissions less than 46 mg/m3. Refer to the standard, the gas boiler emissions standards is: SO2≤100mg/m3, dust≤200mg/m3.


Solid fuel boilers will be becoming a popular trend in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other underdeveloped countries. The use of a large number of solid fuel boiler will lead to serious environmental pollution, which must be strictly equipped with the corresponding dust removal equipment to ensure the environment protection. It is responsible for boiler supplier to protect our home together.


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Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereafter shorted as ZORANOC) is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of oil drilling chemicals, oil field chemiclas, petroleum refining additives Xanthan gum,Corrosion inhibitor, carboxymethyl cellulose,Sodium bromideand water treatment chemicals. Since founded in 2007, the annual turnover is more than USD90, 000,000 and annual export quantity is over 250,000 tons.

Meanwhile, Zoranoc Oilfield Servises Limited (hereafter shorted as ZORANOC) is designing and manufacturing Refinery Plant Projects.Our products including atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, catalytic cracking unit, delayed coking unit, hydrogenation unit and other sets.

ZORANOC served to the biggest Oil and Gas refinery plants in the world like TOTAL, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) ,Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), National Iranian Oil Drilling Company (NIDC), Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), National Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA), Pakistan Oil & Gas Development, Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), China National Chemical Corporation (CHEM CHINA), BAKER HUGHES (USA oil field services), General Electric (GE), NALCO, FUEL RIGHT, China Nanhai-Magcobar and etc.

Our headquarter, Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd (hereafter shorted as Xinchang Chemical), is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, and its predecessor was Hebei Oilfield Chemical Plant (founded in 1993), a member of Sinopec Group, then restructured to a corporate enterprise, renamed as Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd. On the original basis of Sinopec, Xinchang Chemical continuously adjusted development strategies, got rid of the stale, brought forth the fresh, researched and developed high-end petrochemicals from a high starting point, and collaborated with Shenyang Chemical University, Sinopec Petrochemical Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University in R&D and technology upgrading of its products. Two independent research institutes have been established in Shenyang and Hebei, and a doctoral station, established at the same time, is now under operation.

Xinchang Chemical is going to purchase 4 to 5 chemical companies before the year of 2017 to make up a group company, and is planning to be officially listed in stock market in recent coming years. ZORANOC is a subsidiary of Xinchang Chemcal, with commitment to the supply of comprehensive professional products and technologies in domestic and international markets to the world’s big oilfield enterprises, oil service companies and petrochemical distributors.

Since 2004, Xinchang Chemical has been authorized as a net-in supplier by China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and a contracted partner of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). Xinchang Chemical was certified by ISO9001 and ISO240001 in January, 2012 and in 2014, it became a member of American Petroleum Institute (API), and awarded by API with the API Q1 Production Certificate, also gained the ISO9001, ISO14002 (specialized for Oil&Gas industry) and OHSAS 18001 Certifications. All these certificates and membership ensure the stable improvements in our products quality and services.

As a global leading supplier of petrochemicals and oilfield service, we have advanced laboratories and professional R&D personnel, independently supply customers with technical solutions and customized products. We have 500 excellent employees, and all our work through design, preparation, tests to production, benefits from our highly skilled employees.

ZORANOC’s products include four categories: Oil Drilling Chemicals, Drilling Fluid Additives, Petroleum Refining Additives and Water Treatment Chemicals.

ZORANOC is one of the earliest companies committed to the R&D and production of petrochemicals, and through cooperation with customers, now we can produce any drilling fluid for all oilfields, and solve many problems arising from the drilling process, so we have been one of the most powerful oilfield suppliers in China, with our service going in every stage in R&D and production of both onshore and offshore oilfields, mainly including drilling, oilfield technique and oil-water separation. Also as a technology service company with high standards, we give more attention to production facilities, as we have advanced high pressure reactor, pressing separator, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatography and Brookfield Viscometer, etc. Depending on premium products and service, we have built long-term cooperation with oilfield companies in more than 10 countries such as Iran, UAE, Kuwait, USA, Russia, Indonesia and Belarus, including NIDC, PDVSA, ONGC, BELORUSNEFT and PERTAMINA. We have been highly regarded by all our customers. Meanwhile, we have deep cooperation in oil drilling chemicals, petroleum refining additives and drilling fluid additives with the four large oilfield service companies (Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford).

As the largest manufacturer of oilfield chemicals in China, we always insist in the highest quality, health, safety and environment-protection standards, and are dedicated in supplying first-class and premium service, and insisting on safety management principles of “Prevention first, People-oriented”, and we focus on customers and carry on the quality management philosophy of “Credit First, Users First”; and in our service and production, we sufficiently use process-control methods to guarantee the quality of products and service and to satisfy customers; we track the developing trend of markets and customer demands, as to supply customers with safe, premium, low-consumption and highly efficient service. All of this is ZORANOC.

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Big event decor choices – folding chairs

Folding chairs are perfect for big event, like musical concert, public speech, sports events, etc. chairs characteristics: easy to pack up, light weight to move around, save space when storing and packaging. Due to the large consumption of the chairs and limited space effect, Poly folding chairs are best choice for big events. And the event holders are benefit for the space saving and less labor cost; meanwhile, clients are benefit for the light weight and easy move around characteristic. Our Folding chairs can be made into many different types, like chiavari chairs, napoleon folding chairs, bamboo folding chairs, garden folding chairs, and poly event folding chairs. There are multiple color options to satisfy customer’s needs like white, black, green, blue, natural wood and etc. Our folding chairs accept ODM and OEM services which allow customers to idealize their own logos and symbols.


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a specialized manufacture and exporter for auto accessories

HUILI INDUSTRIAL LTD is a specialized manufacture and exporter for auto accessories,covering full line of car sun (snow) shades,car seat cushions,car mat and car steering wheel covers.

With strong R&D teams,strict QC systerms and complete production & inspection equipment,our products are sold abroad to over 30 countries,mainly in Europe,North and South America,the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

All our efforts are direct forward to our customers satisfaction.Welcome to contacting us. We are ready for prompt response to your inquires.

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