We are Qingdao Joint and Lucky Industrial Co,. Ltd.(Referred to as J&L Industrial Chemicals) that has more than 20 years’ experiences in doing exporting business. Mainly products include silica gel, desiccant packets, molecular sieve product, activated alumina, food gum, hyaluronic acid etc.. Our buyers come from all over the world, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea Southeast Asia, and Africa and so on. In recent years, our products’ sell well in West Africa markets and the trading volumes increase quickly.

We have ISO9001, CE, FDA certification. We can do OEM for our customers. We have accumulated a lot of experiences in product quality, packaging, shipping service. The quality of our products not only meets international quality standards, and can also meet many special quality requirement of the buyer.

We have a specialized packaging design company. For different products’ packaging, we can design the packaging according to customers’ requirements and provide customers with updated product packaging services continuously.

We will be glad to share our experiences and hope to have a chance to cooperate with you in the future.

Sodium Alginate product is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed, has numerous functionalities in food industry, such as thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, texture improver, anti-retrogradation of starch and gel agent, due to its special chemical construction and excellent properties. Alginate can be widely applied as a natural additive in various kinds of food, such as wheat flour, noodles, frozen flour products, bakery, etc.

More information,please click:http://jlindus-chem.com


TEL: +86-532-85919967    FAX: +86-532-85919965


WEBSITE:www.jointlucky.com         www.jlindus-chem.com


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