Promoting Energy Saving of Industrial Boilers(2)

Establish a sound regulatory standards for industrial boilers based on management level, reaching a consensus of the whole society energy conservation and emission reduction

Relevant industry leaders should find a innovative breakthrough from the management, making the management becoming the energy saving and emission reduction soft power of industrial boiler. National policy departments should establish a sound regulatory standards of China’s industrial boiler fuel policy, energy saving products, energy efficiency labeling, etc, so that the energy saving and emission reduction work is established under the social supervision environment, and finally forms the consensus of energy-saving and emission reduction of the whole society.

Improve the professional ethics of technical personnel in the industry, through the innovate technology to guide the work of energy-saving emission reduction of industrial boilers.

We should improve the technical quality and ethical standards of industrial boilers operating personnel, to conduct a comprehensive and systematic training and learning for industrial boilers operators, so that they can fully grasp the industrial boiler operation skills and the corresponding industrial boiler maintenance methods.


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