How to choose the car cover?



In the end the car cover product is useful, how to choose a suitable car cover? This is a lot of friends in the face of a car car clothing a question.


Here for everyone to solve these two problems.


Any commodity has its pure value, of course, car clothing is no exception. Car garment belongs to automobile maintenance supplies, in early twenty-first Century, the domestic auto industry began to develop rapidly, and vehicle maintenance supplies by 2010 to the golden period of development, car garment has been a very vague concept to show people in the country thinking, in foreign car garment has decades of development the garment industry is quite mature,


Here I specifically analyze the role of a car to get off:


1: can play a good role in preventing dust. As his car in the garage, if a good environment can also, if the environment is poor, so you will see your car will be above a layer of dust when driving, so it will inevitably have to go to the car wash clean, if his love to wear “clothes”, the go to the car wash shop will reduce a lot of times.


2: you can play a good role in sun rain and snow prevention. If you put your car on the outside, sunny fortunately, encountered snow, will give the car cover a layer of snow. Now the snow contains large amounts of acidic substances, and help on the surface of the vehicle, will corrode the automobile paint, a long time will cause the body to lose luster, but also reduce the service life of the vehicle.


3: can play a role in preventing ultraviolet. The car on the outside of the sun, if the cover on the car, you can prevent ultraviolet light on the car paint. Trim. Tire damage, thereby greatly increasing the service life of the car.


4: can prevent accidental scratches on the car. The car on the outside, there will be people from the side after, if the bad guys, let his car destroyed, the car will surely complain distressed clothes. Cover the clothes can let those who can not start.


5: maintenance engine.


To start the winter cold, the main engine is out of the question, the engine is not just car “heart”, or “stomach”, the car it digested gasoline and air, any one of which “digest” part of the problem, may lead to a car difficult phenomenon, this is winter car engine drag due to the large, experts recommend the use of cotton and car garment. Now many varieties of car clothing market in china. Choose car clothing as the selection of clothes, not only the price to be appropriate, the quality is equally important, how to choose clothes;


1: size to fit. Sewing is not suitable in the body when the wind blows, slack, because car coat doesn’t fit, will the wind in the body and swing, if is inferior sewing sewing fabric without a wet wipe, sewing is indeed very likely to scratch the surface of the car with the wind.


2: sewing material: in the market many clothing quality, divided into tens of dollars to hundreds, or even thousands of yuan a range, generally recommended in the choice of clothing when less than one hundred yuan a car coat suggest that you used with caution. The sewing appearance is really good, is simply not what good material, suggest you use some high-grade, nano PU material, Larkin, printing, sewing car cover.


3: brand choice. Suggest your car owners to use some good material brand clothing. Brand garment fabric from the choice of material, workmanship, quality to the function, than the cheaper car clothing good, car clothing must go through water treatment, waterproof, fireproof effect must be better, and that single car clothing, soft texture, so as to ensure that there will be no damage to the car what.

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