Qingdao Zoranoc’s Mission statement


Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd, born out of Sinopec Group, based on the inheriting of the fine tradition and work style of Sinopec, actively absorbed and used the advanced idea and excellent enterprise culture of modern companies both domestic and abroad, and continuously deepened the construction of the enterprise culture of itself, and made efforts in building the good atmosphere of “people oriented, hard striving, pursuit of excellence and results shared”, as to supply strong mental power in pushing forward the scientific development of the company.


We can supply Xanthan gum product,Corrosion inhibitor product, carboxymethyl cellulose product,Sodium bromide product.


“People oriented, Hard striving, Pursuit of excellence and Results shared”

——we bear social responsibility, trying to make welfare for society, customers and employees.


Enterprise Vision

“Through the waves, strive to achieve the petrochemical industry leader”

——Our commitment to industry development, systematical solutions for petrochemical enterprises, and the achievement of the industry dominator as the goal.


Enterprise Spirit

“Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Development”

——Relying on technical innovation, making efforts to catch up with the world’s advanced levels, representing the innovative strength of the national technology and becoming the industry leader!


Enterprise Style

“Strict enforcement and prohibitionsof orders, Doing quickly and resolutely, Solidarity and friendship, Working attentively”

——Trying to build an eagle-team with strict self-discipline, quick decision and resolute execution!


Operation Principle

Your requirement is our standard.

Our development needs your support.

——Going forward hand in hand with oilfield and refinery enterprises, and creating brilliance together!



More information,please click:http://zoranoc.com

Our email: info@zoranoc.com

Pleas feel free to contact us.



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