COMBI Laboratory


COMBI Laboratory is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Laboratory Refrigerator, Laboratory Incubator and Freeze Dryer in Qingdao, China.

Qingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd., is located in the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, covering a hundred acres, more than 200 employees, is a professional manufacturer of medical and laboratory refrigerators. Over years, combi has become a research and development, production, sales as one of the group of high-tech enterprises in the industry reputation (The import and export company for Group is QINGDAO MINGYE TRADING CO.,LTD). Company to “leading technology, unlimited service” for the purpose of quality management as the cornerstone, and the implementation of modern management, advanced technology mainstream, first-class technical force is committed to creating an internationally competitive brands.

Our products,freeze dryer covering medical devices, laboratory equipment, life science instruments and other industries in more than 100 categories, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and quality leader in the production and sales of similar products in China, exported to the international market.

Combi brings together a group of equipment research and development and sales experience in technology and management experts, established in the country dozens distribution outlets, the company has product development, brand planning, quality management, customer service and marketing expertise, etc. And corporate management experience in the service centers established throughout the country.

Combi aim is: To provide full high-quality products, dedicated to providing professional services.


DW_150L100 cryo freezer delivering a high quality product for the storage of biological

samples in the clinical and research markets.

Suitable for hospitals, blood banks, epidemic prevention, electronic and chemical laboratories,research institutes, biological engineering institutes and marine fishery companies.

Designed to store various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, cutis, and some other laboratory materials.

Optimized cascade refrigeration technology, SECOP compressor to reach a high efficient

refrigeration effect;Specially designed Heat Exchanger, heat transfer high efficient, save Energy;CFC-Free overall situ polyurethane foaming insulation;CFC-Free refrigerant

Safety door lock, preventing unauthorized access;

Wide voltage design from 187V to 242V;

Maintenance free condensor design;

25mm access port;

Pressure-balanced port design, easy to open the door;

Heavy type caster and locking adjustable screw, easy to move and fix.

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COMBI Laboratory

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ADD: 2-1408, Shenghe Mansion, No. 58 Shandongtou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Zip/Post Code: 266100

Tel: 86-532-68070224

Fax: 86-532-68070224





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