Shandong Lixing Tin Food Co.,Ltd


Our Strengths

The company is located in heze city of shandong province – shan Guo Village town, unique geographical location, convenient transportation is of rich agricultural resources. It has rich raw material for asparagus,peach,pear and etc.

Our canned asparagus and peach , The production and sales had been topped of the china.


Why choose us?

We through the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine sanitary registration of export enterprises.Registration number is: 3700/01140;And light ministry approval of export enterprises, code-named: H78, and through the international food standard IFS、BRC、KOSHER、HALAL certification.



canned asparagus, canned yellow peach, canned pear, canned fruit cocktail, canned mushroom,canned pineapple, canned bartlett pear, fruit cups and etc.

We have exported to the Europe, Canada, USA, Middle East, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, Australia and other regions.


Canned sugar canned peach effect you clear?

Sugar water peach effect and role is as much as its nutritional value.


1, Yin tonic: fill deficiency, Yijing gas, lungs and kidney, for the lung and kidney. Suitable for chronic illness physically weak or consumptive crowd replenishment.


2, Shengjinzhike: throat to dry, refreshing and comfortable. Suitable for dry mouth, dry eyes, over-thought, lack of sleep, speech too much crowd.


3, blood stasis: to promote human blood running, appropriate for the treatment of blood stasis.


4, purge: can lubricate the bowel, stimulate bowel movements.


5, menstruation: relieve dysmenorrhea, or menstrual low back pain.


6, asthma: reduce the excitability of the respiratory center, respiratory movement tends to be quiet and the role of antitussive and asthma.


Constipation, dysmenorrhea, virtual labor cough cough, hernia pain, nocturnal emission, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats and other embarrassing disease, and so on. 7, other effects: Yin, Sheng Jin, Runzaohuoxue.


Shandong Lixing Tin Food Co.,Ltd

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Shandong Lixing Tin Food Co.,Ltd.






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