Thailand 7 Day Tour




April 26, to May 2, 2017, the company provides staffs benefit of Thailand 7 Day Tour, to create a  harmonious division, cultivate sentiment, while experiencing the beauty of foreign countries and culture.


The whole travel life with the company leaders and tour guides carefully arranged and meticulous care, we enjoy the Thailand’s natural scenery, local attractions and urban civilization, feel the rituals, religious temples and other fields of culture and the arts.

We first visited the Thai Capitol, built in 1907, magnificent, and the introduction of many European-style building materials, magnificent, then we visit big palace built in 1782 t, the whole palace resplendent, bringing together the architectural painting sculpture and decoration of the essence The Chao Phraya River cruise, enjoy the Thailand mother river colorful scenery.


Take the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, on the way to enjoy the fruit feast, more than ten kinds of fruit, sweet and sour taste is very miss, then visit the town of Chiang Mai, pleasant scenery, Strong customs.


We enjoy the local characteristics of the dance, beautiful dress with simple dance

Then saw elephant performances, they are particularly smart and cute, cycling, darts, painting and so on. Also personally experience the fun of riding an elephant.

Pattaya took a speedboat to Glen Island, Moonlight Island, looking at the sparkling sleep moment to forget all the troubles. Intimate tour guide gave us each provided a towel file water, shade, the whole journey exceptionally intimate.


We went to the local most famous three Buddha, devout wish, hope family health, friends everything goes well, hoping to bring good luck to everyone, and finally in the duty-free shop for crazy shopping


Time unknowingly lost, travel is also reluctant to draw a successful full stop on the way back, less tired, more feelings, in EMEDA work has always felt, like family, unity and harmony of the happy atmosphere , Every day the company will be as vibrant as early spring, every day colleagues will be as inclusive as the sea, we aim at the same goal,help each other, I firmly believe that, EMEDA will be better and better!





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