Blossom Wood Products Factory


Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited is one of biggest party chairs manufacturer in Qingdao, has great partner in the USA and UK. Since 2011, we producing not only wooden wedding chairs but also resin party chairs. In 5 future years, our goal is that we will visit our main customer and meet face to face, and become the leader of party rental chairs in the China. Let us make the cake bigger together.

We own a independent office for customer reception,documents and computer work.Our experienced saleman constantly contact with customer through e-mail and telephone to confirm details of order,which can guarantee the smooth transit.

Our production team is composed of nearly 200 skilled workers who have a good command in making traditional banquet chiavari chairs tables.They are also good at making resin products like resin thonet chairs and ghost chairs.

In 2006. Mr. Bob Tan established the small factory in Weifang city for wooden chiavari chairs and bought 3 machines for spare parts of wooden chiavari chairs that year, we only can produceabout 1000 pieces of wooden chiavari chairs monthly.

We use handmade and hand painting workers. The production condition was quite hard that time.The main buyers mostly come from Chinese trading companies.

Customer: We provide our customers with support and better service to them. We are committed to actively meet the needs of customers,

always keep in touch with the customer, to leave the impression that we are easy to deal with.

Products: Products under the capable and reliable staff assistance,

we for the market to provide with a high degree of brand awareness of the full range of competitive products.

We buy goods from the domestic and international markets, to provide suitable and quality products for the Chinese market.

Employee:Employees in the open, loyalty and social responsibility of the concept of the spirit of teamwork,

we provide our employees with future career development opportunities.

Company: Open oversea office in 5 years


Blossom Wood Products Factory


More information,please click:

Location:No.2 Heilongjiang Road,Qingdao,China





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