Hair extensions can add instant length and volume to your existing hair and that’s why many women prefer them. Women having less hair on their scalp due to a number of factors also want to have more suitable hair in the form of hair extensions.

With hair extensions of your choice you can apply your favorite hairstyle. Many women are actually sick and tired of their current hairstyle and they want to try out something more suitable and new for them.

Thus hair extensions actually make them look more attractive. Hair extensions can be attached to your natural hair using many different methods which are in vogue today. Some of these methods are bonding, cold and warm fusion, sew-in, tape, and braid-in, heat-sealed and even clipped-in. The hair that is used can be synthetic or human in variety and generally varies in price and quality. The specific method of attachment of your favorite type of hair extension often times determines the type of hair that will be used.

For example, there are Classic and Virgin Brazilian hair extensions. Classic hair is human hair of the same texture, color and look which is collected from multiple donors. Virgin hair is human hair of your chosen variety collected from a single donor. Also, virgin hair is not chemically processed or mechanically altered.

hairstylists receive specialist training from L’avant Garde Hair and then they become certified professionals in performing all types of hair extension attachments.

Good hair extensions can also be used to cover up a really bad haircut. If people are not comfortable with their hair cut they can cover it up with a suitable hair extension which matches the color and texture of their own natural hair. Also, if you are not able to grow your natural hair to a desired length for whatever reason, you can opt for a hair extension.

With good hair extensions you can add bold or subtle highlights to your hair. This can be really helpful on certain party or festive occasions. Some people also like to add hair extensions simply for fun.

However, hair extensions are not cheap. They attract a good price tag with them and you have to devote a few hours of time to apply it. Remy hair extensions are real human hair extensions and they tend to last longer than synthetic varieties of hair. You can have any type of hair extension and choose your own color, texture, looks from a wide variety of options available. You can wash and treat your new hair extensions like your own natural hair.


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