Shandong Dongyao Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd



Shandong East Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful kite capital – Weifang. Dong Yao lighting is a professional production of LED solar street light, outdoor solar lights,landscape lamp, garden lamp, lamp, road lamp, solar lamp, lawn lamp, LED lamp, high-tech enterprises and other outdoor lighting scenery complementary. The company integrates design, production, installation and after-sale service, and serves many customers at home and abroad. It is the backbone enterprise of Shandong outdoor lighting and lighting industry.


Dong Yao since its inception, adhere to the high quality road, emphasizing the “quality first, customer first” business philosophy. Pursue the tenet of “honesty, devotion, science and technology leading”. With the requirements of different environmental landscape, the development of other lamps with different functions, integration of lights with light performance, and objects of different reflection characteristics, street lighting technology innovation, to meet the lighting effect of courtyard environment and urban environment, the production of high quality, economy of beautiful appearance, safe and reliable products, providing a variety of choices for the pursuit of the perfect person.


The company has been committed to constantly refer to brand and high-end market share, will do image, technology, design quality leading lighting production experts, our principle of sincere cooperation, with first-class products, first-class service to the pursuit of customer satisfaction.


The success of the road looking forward to work together with you to share the light, all toward a better tomorrow.


Solar energy is inexhaustible, clean pollution-free and renewable green energy.Using solar power, incomparable clean, high security, energy is relatively extensive and adequacy, long life and free maintenance does not have the advantages of other conventional sources of energy, solar energy is considered to be the 21st century the most important new energy.


Modern society pays great attention to resource conservation and environmental friendliness. Only by playing the theme of this era can we achieve long-term and effective development.The development and promotion of many products are in this direction, and people’s environmental awareness is gradually improving. These things that do not violate environmental green will always make people special favor.


Street lamps, for one, the night travel necessary equipment, plays an important role in people’s nightlife, leave them, we do not have the good life, night lights, there are many but loved by people of green lights and solar street light to pick.


The emergence of solar products has brought great changes to people’s life, from the solar water heater to solar car to later solar street lamp, solar energy application not only for human being to solve the energy problem, also played the protection of nature.Solar street lamp because the energy source of solar energy, so get people’s love, more has the broad development space.


The use of solar energy outdoor solar lights, to get rid of the control of electric power and bondage, to avoid the alternating current instability brought by illumination brightness is not stable, power, and so on and so forth, also will not worry about peak season caused by the low voltage power supply difficulties, use of solar energy as a power source, the access and use enough for people to enjoy light brought may at any time, night with this lamp, life will become more rich and colorful, even at night, also can have enough light, this is a pursuit of a lot of people realize this dream is not difficult, as long as you use accessible solar energy.



Shandong Dongyao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd


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Shandong Dongyao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

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